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What Our Clients Are Saying…

My 14 year old son, Jack has high-functioning autism and has benefited immensely from the Listening Program and P.A.C.E. program that he has done at Millennium Learning for a year and a half. Jack had very low to no written output at school and was very detached from the people and events going on around him. Any time he was not receiving one on one attention, he was lost in his own world.

Within weeks of starting the Listening Program Jack started talking about other students in his class.
Previously, he would go the whole year only knowing 2 or 3 other students. By the end of the year Jack
knew the names of all 30 students.

Within a few months of Listening, Jack started writing. Suddenly, he wrote a full page story for class.
Then he started writing his novel. This term he got his first ‘A’ in English. His progress has grown from there. He has a great new group of friends and a new level of confidence to propel him into high school.

I attribute this to his time with Gillian doing The Listening Program and PACE. PACE has taught him to
accept that some things come very easily and some things take a lot of patience and hard work to
accomplish. Jack used to become frustrated very quickly with a task that he could not immediately
master and would give up. Now he knows that if he keeps trying, he will succeed.

-Stacey K.

My prayers were answered when I saw an ad in a children’s magazine for a program called PACE. We had tried so many tutoring programs, unsuccessfully, but this was a new program. Where other teaching methods involved quite a bit of repetition, this was about addressing the problem directly – training the brain so that both sides of the brain were functioning more efficiently. We went directly to Gillian Liebrant, who was very understanding of our daughter’s situation and also unfazed. She was confident in the program, which combined different teaching methods with a program called “Learning Ears™”. We were buoyed up by her confidence and also her stellar track record of helping so many students like Claire, and so moved confidently ahead with the program.

Through the course of study, Claire began to change and grow in many different areas. Her school work improved dramatically and her anxiety lessened. Her confidence level increased dramatically which was one of the greatest gifts of all. Many teachers stopped to tell me that they had seen huge changes in Claire. She was more alert, processing information better, staying on task and was making eye contact more frequently. I knew we were on the right track.

When I look back now, many years later, I see how this training was absolutely instrumental in changing Claire’s trajectory. She has gone from a shy, scared girl to a young woman who confidently shares her critical thinking with her peers and teachers. She is looking forward to choosing which University she will further her studies in. She is confident that she will be successful, and that she will actualize her many talents. As a mother, you cannot put a price on that. This wonderful program and this amazing teacher, who kept reminding her “you can do it”, changed our daughter’s life.

-Caroline O.

Just, wanted to update you on Beth’s progress in school since she took that really intensive program from you this past summer. I’ve noticed a considerable difference from this year since last. She seems to have adjusted into Junior High quite well and is coping nicely with school. The other day we were using her imagery skills to memorize the vocabulary words in science (and they were not that easy).

I must be getting old. At any rate, she has done really well. The first quarter is over and I received her grades this week along with the “Iowa Tests of Basic Skills” scores. This is the test that is given to the children shortly after school starts from grade 1-12.

This test was one of the reasons why I knew Beth needed help. It tests the children in Reading/Language/Math/Social Studies/Science. She has always been about 2 grade levels below and always struggled with school. She was really excited this year when nothing was below the average line and I think for the first time she realized that her summer work had paid off.

Her overall reading composite score went from 4.8 to 6.2 which is wonderful as she has a lot of reading this year.

We are still doing a lesson each week in both Master the Code and PACE. She just flies through PACE–in the other she is also doing quite well — I have noticed that she still hasn’t brought the principles into her school work totally and I have to remind her. Hopefully, it will all come together and be retained in the brain.

Thanks again for all your hard work — I will keep you informed as to her progress. By the way, she is also doing a play (The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker) right now which opens tomorrow evening, so even with her late nights, she is still coping well.

Hope everything is well with you both. Thank you!



We want to thank you for the wonderful caring attention that gave to our grand-daughter, Beth. You crammed a lot into a couple of months, as you tried to do PACE as well as Mastering the Code and The Listening Program. It has paid off so well. We noticed a great change while she was with us. Since she has been back at school, our daughter tells us she is doing so much better than last year, in her reading, spelling and comprehension. Susan spends time with her, reviewing both programs, and she recognizes the difference that the few weeks that you spent with Beth have made to her. She no longer struggles with her assignments, reads because she wants to, and can discuss what she has read. Her spelling is not perfect, but much improved. At the parent-teacher conference recently, her teacher told Susan that Beth is coping better academically and interestingly, that seems to have improved her behavior and discipline.

So, thank you for being there when we needed just the sort of help you are qualified to give.

-Regards to all of you Valerie & John

I want to thank you for your time, expertise and efforts with Leslie over the past few months. She is doing better at school, remembers things easier and continues to show improvements in all areas of her life. I know that there were times that weren’t easy but you stuck with it and so did Leslie and it was great!!

I would like to make an appointment with you for next week just to get some guidance on how I should proceed with Leslie at home.

-Thank you again for being such a great coach!!

I came upon the Listening Program by accident. Initially I saw an ad that would help my daughter’s problem. Upon further evaluation by Gillian Liebrandt, she recommended the listening program as being more suitable for Maria’s problem. The results of the cognitive test showed that Maria had problems in attention and in general learning skills.

Maria came into the program with distinct problem areas in learning. She would be easily distracted and learning to stay on task to complete an assignment would be difficult for her. Her content of speech and speech structure were not at her age level. She could speak but when she spoke it was nonsensical and irrelevant to the topic at hand.

My main concern was her attention span and speech. I knew there was a problem but I needed to pinpoint it and find an answer. The Listening Program did just that. In just two weeks of this intensive program I saw results. Maria is more articulate and can talk about things in a sensible and specific manner. Her uncle noticed the improvement and said it was best as he can engage in a decent conversation with Maria. She is more verbal and inquisitive. Her improvements in speech have led to more productivity in her written assignments. She is able to complete her work and focus her energy at the task at hand.

Overall, the Listening Program has met my goals and expectations for my daughter. I am not overly concerned for Maria now that she has benefited from this program. The Listening Program has eased my mind tremendously because I know there is an alternative method in dealing with learning deficits. It is in no way a cure but it is an effective tool that can only ensure continued success.

-Thank You

On behalf of our son, Mark, we would like to thank you for the excellent program you set up for him. He enjoyed the 10 week session working with you.

Mark has shown improvement in many areas and he feels much more confident about his school curriculum. He has not had any angry outbursts although he has been frustrated by his regular school work. He has told us he likes math now. Before Christmas he was really struggling and now he has the coping skills to help himself get through things.

Another noticeable improvement is getting his homework done. He comes home from school and gets all his work done with out hesitation. I think the confidence he has gained makes him proud of all his achievements and he wants to do well.

His report card this last term showed improvement in all areas that were below average last term. He was very proud of that achievement.

We are happy that we found your program and that it worked so well for Mark.

Thank you.